She had Nowhere to Go

Before coming to the Mission, Holly didn’t know where to go.

Alone, with no one to help her, she found herself sitting on the curb. All her belongings were in a trash bag next to her.

She had no home. No family lived nearby and no friends to help her. She sent her baby to stay with distant family, because she knew she couldn’t care for him the way he needed.

“I felt like I was just a shell,” Holly describes.

Faced with the reality of sleeping on the streets, she was desperate for someone to help her.

Then a kind person took her to Everett Gospel Mission. Thanks to friends like you, she was welcomed by a warm meal, a place to sleep, and the other care she needed. With her immediate needs met, Holly enrolled in our recovery program to help her overcome her addiction.

Holly is grateful that staying at the Mission means she can keep her son with her and focus on being the best parent for him. She’s taking parenting classes and learning skills that will help her start a new life, off the streets for good.

Even better, Holly has started growing in her faith with God. She is hopeful about the future, and she wants to keep looking forward.

“I really think it saved my life being here,” she says.

When you give meals and help Feed Hope Here this year, you can provide this kind of transformation for someone like Holly.