Helping people overcome homelessness one meal at a time.

Each $2.05 Provides a
Hot Meal and Hope

As the nights get longer and the weather gets colder, neighbors experiencing homelessness are left unsheltered. They are struggling to stay warm and find food. Everett Gospel Mission is the only shelter for men and the largest of just two shelters for women in Snohomish County. Each $2.05 can help save a life by providing a meal and hope.

No Such Thing as a Lost Cause

Colder weather and the lonely holiday season are the hardest times to be homeless. It’s a battle just to survive. This often leaves people feeling hopeless.

But when others see a lost cause, you see a chance for a new life! Your meals help show that there is always hope. Please give today!

The meals you give can be the chance at a new life off the streets for good!

It’s about people,
not problems.

She had Nowhere to Go

Before coming to the Mission, Holly didn’t know where to go.

Alone, with no one to help her, she found herself sitting on the curb. All her belongings were in a trash bag next to her.

She had no home. No family lived nearby and no friends to help her. She sent her baby to stay with distant family, because she knew she couldn’t care for him the way he needed.

"I felt like I was just a shell," Holly describes.

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The Challenges They Face

Everett Gospel Mission Provides

Food, shelter, help, and hope.

Everett Gospel Mission engages with the community to alleviate poverty. We provide food, shelter and holistic, Christ-centered help for men, women and children who are homeless or trapped in poverty.

Our staff loves Jesus and He is the reason we do everything we do. We believe He has called us to help and love all of our neighbors in need regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

Our current facilities allow us to serve up to 145 men, and 75 women and children each night.

“A meal cracks open the door to a broken heart.”
— CEO Sylvia Anderson
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